Thursday, September 17, 2015

Precept and Hotel Transylvania 2. It's all about Family.

From the name that brought you family products that go beyond expectation... comes a movie that goes beyond every family's imagination.

Get ready for an afternoon weekend of laughs and gasps as Precept Commercial Corporation brings you Hotel Transylvania 2! A blocked screening happening at Resorts World's extremely swanky Newport Cinema 4 --which suffice to say is also bound to give the family a movie-viewing experience that's beyond typical.

What's cool is that Hotel Transylvania 2 --despite its Halloween aura-- is actually a fun flick that highlights the importance of family. Even for the creepy creatures of the night. In this second offering, Count Dracula becomes a grandpa to vampire daughter Mavis and human son-in-law Johnny's little boy, Dennis. With the help of the hilarious Drac Pack, the whole film gives you a heart-warming, knee-slapping time as Dracula fights to keep his grandson and his family safe.

It's kind of like how Precept has, for many years, kept millions of families safe with its combination of hygienic, healthful, and home-friendly products.

Whoa! The value of family is so strong in all angles, it feels like destiny!

So why don't you gather the family together and watch Hotel Transylvania 2 at Newport Cinema on September 26, 2015, 2pm. It's a guaranteed bonding time that, thanks to Precept, is beyond exciting!
Needless to say, my family will be there. :)

Click here for seats!

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Papier Macheniacs: YO, KING PIG!

This project has been on our waiting list for like forever! Well, we finally found the time (and the ball) to get this project running --and so here it is!

Sculpting this guy was a blast. He's made out of common household materials. A plastic ball, an old sippy cup, a smaller ball which we sliced in two, and newspaper.

We wanted some 3D action going on so we used bottle caps for his nostrils, too.

The ball had texture and it was difficult working around that even during the teepee stage. But then we decided the spikes actually gave our pig a bit of personality.

After an overnight drying time, we painted this bad boy.

And before we know it, we've got our own Bad Piggie head honcho rolling around in the house --turned-up snooty snout, golden crown, and permanent angry shriek on his puffy mouth. Haha!

If you think this is a cool project, just follow our lead and make your own. It's pretty easy to make royalty, you'll see. :)

Up next: Tiny Piggie Minions! Darnit… we're gonna need more balls...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Your Throwback Theater Treat: PIXELS

Following after the heels of Wreck It Ralph comes another arcade game-centric film made more poignant, thanks to the appearance of major characters designed to squeeze every bit of hairsprayed nostalgia out of you.

You'd think Pixels was actually geared towards the parents rather than the kids who came into the cinema. What with '80s 8-bit games, Holiday-esque Madonna, and Ronald Reagan coming into the fray. But the generation gap was almost seamlessly bridged. And we owe it all to Pixels' brilliant animation and every 10-year old gamer's capability to scour the internet for oldies-but-goodies games pre-movie viewing. I say 'almost seamless' simply because when Hall and Oastes came on, my kids were like, "Who the heck are these big-haired people?!!"

You know what missed the bridge though? The main premise of the movie.
Seriously? This intergalactic war came about because of a little miscomm? Sounds like a typical day at the office. Listen, sending an '80s time capsule into space is an okay idea with me. But communicating with aliens using video games as delegates, not so much.

Ah, but I guess that is not the point. The entertainment value lies in that all-too-cool possibility of being front and dead centre in a video game. Turning these flat pixels into larger than life 3D computer graphics that can abduct or amputate. Game rules dutifully applying in the real world: 3 lives, power pellets, 10 seconds of ghost vulnerability. I have never geeked out so hard!


Space Invaders



Donkey Kong

Especially when Tetris came in tearing buildings apart level by level! Uh-huh. Tetris is so boss.

Shining moment? I liked it how Pixels brought up the dissonance between ancient games and modern-day games. In the 80's, you relied on patterns to win and earn arcade fame. In today's gaming world, you relied on skills and a peppering of rage so you don't die. How the concept of fun times have changed.

Drabby bit? I didn't like it that Lady Lisa had to assume human form. She should've stayed pixelised like every game element recreated for the alien attack. If she was in pure bit-map glory and still had a love affair with arcader Ludlow Lemonsoft --that would've been cooler! And more fair. *pats Q*bert on his cute head*

Pixels! Get your game on and get over to the cinema nearest you. It stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James --so how can you possibly lose?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

*snap-snap* Found Project Pie on OpenSnap!

Grab your iPads, moms! It's time to take creative parenting into the delicious digital age!

Creative Parenting is all about feeding your kids' imagination so that it stretches far and wide --whether it be for art, science, even food. YES, FOOD!
And here is where a brilliant discovery on OpenSnap comes in.
With just a few taps on this Ultimate Photo Dining Guide App OpenSnap, I found the delectably creative mecca that is Project Pie!

Not your ordinary run-of-the-mill pizza place, Project Pie lets you customise your pizza the way you want it. By the photo uploads alone on OpenSnap, my kids and I got so pumped to run over to this particular pizzeria to cook up our own masterpieces.

Oh, I can see it now. My Teenage Cheese-Loving Son would go crazy with his mozzarella, feta, gorgonzola, ricotta, and parmesan combination. Heck, he might just throw in a dollop of sausage, chicken, bacon, and prosciutto for good measure. He'd make a classic work of art… but pushed to the hilt!

Meanwhile, my Younger Dine-Like-A-Daredevil Son would go nuts! Like, seriously. He'd whip up something as crazy as, say, a Banana Nutella Pizza. The pie that's good enough as a full meal --from dinner to dessert! This art piece would be something Van Gogh might make in the middle of an off-the-hook party. Hey, yeah!

Just thinking about the possibilities is making me drool. And I have the creative digital masterstroke OpenSnap to thank for that. Food tripping has never been worthwhile and this easy!

We're heading off to Project Pie in a bit. While we paint our pizzas red, yellow, green, and more… why don't you head on to OpenSnap? Let your fingers --or your children's-- discover food gallery upon food gallery in a snap.

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Dismaland: Not the Happiest Place on Earth

Well, here's a theme park we won't be going to anytime soon.
It's called Dismaland, a Bemusement Park --the name of which pretty much speaks for itself.

The park is the brainchild of UK'e ever-elusive street artist, Banksy, who's known for his works that  aim to unnerve people in its realistic dark humour. What makes this park even more 'special'? More artists of the same dark inclination has joined in to create this 2.5 acre gloomy gallery.

A sneak peak.
Dismaland puts sad satire on Disneyland's familiar attractions.

Dismlaland pokes eerie fun on society's typical brand of amusement.

Dismaland feeds anarchic symbolism in almost every corner.

Other lovely yet disturbing installations riddle the area.

There is no doubt that Dismaland is intriguing, awe-inspiring, exhilarating, and even enlightening. One thing's for sure though, you don't leave Dismaland a happy camper. Dismaland makes you think, question things. It changes you. For the good or for the bad is entirely up to you.

If you're in the mood for doom and are anywhere near the seafront of Weston-super-Mare in England, then come over from August 22 to September 27 of this year. Dismaland is ready for you.

One piece of advice: Leave the kids behind. While I agree that kids need to have their eyes open to certain truths in the world, what's wrong with holding onto rainbows and unicorns for a while longer?

*Photos from the Dismaland website, The Guardian, and Time

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ant-Man Very Late Review

Well, this was a pleasant surprise. Like a baby firecracker that hits you in the face with a big, glorious boom kind of surprise. Yep.

To be honest, I had very little faith in Ant-Man, pardon the pun. But him being one of the not-too-popular characters of the Marvel universe (at least, in my universe), I didn't think much of him. In fact, I even tried to convince my kids that we didn't need to watch his debut movie. The only reason why we still did was because my train-crazy son saw Thomas the Tank Engine in the trailer and got all pumped to see that part --and that part alone. That and my other son was craving for movie popcorn. So before I knew it, we were running to catch Ant-Man on its last week.

And it was a whirlwind on fun!

The plot wasn't exactly new. You know… awesome technology. Bad guy plans to use it as a weapon for war. But its nanotechnology so it makes it more special.
The real backbone of the story was this though --FAMILY. How you sacrifice, do stupid things, create little mistakes that lead to huge cracks for the sake of the people you love. Now THAT'S special.

What really got us going for this film, however, was the brilliant use of comedy. Scott/Ant-Man was hilarious. And so was his best friend schemer, Luis, whom I have to say was my favourite character in the entire film.

We also like how The Avengers was seamlessly woven into the film. From Doctor Pym openly saying how he wouldn't want Tony Stark to get his hands on his nano-invention. From Ant-Man stealing a valuable equipment from The Avengers secret facility. And from the inch-high hero actually duking it out with Falcon.

In other news, my 14-year old science geek was more into learning about the different kinds of ants, which the movie introduced with the funniest of circumstances --(that and how to crack open a safe using plain household tape and/or liquid nitrogen). While my 11-year old train geek couldn't get over the fact that Thomas the Tank Engine had so much airtime. Educational and Entertaining! Ant-Man is quite a package.

All in all, Ant-Man is an exciting, laugh-a-minute ride!
If, like me, you've been having doubts on its cinematic greatness… bite your tongue. And run to the movie house nearest you. You still have a few days to catch this little bugger.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Papier Macheniacs: The Byted Beak

Whoa! Working with paper and metal is insane!
But... we did it anyway.

Presenting Team Fortress 2 Medic's Byted Beak Robot Mask ala Paper Mache!

We started out the project with pretty much our comfort zone materials: paper, cardboard, rolls and rolls of tape.

Mummifying it with tissue and glue was, as always, relaxing. So was marking it with paint guides.

Painting it was fun, as usual. From the get go, we decided that we'd customise our Byted Beak's colour palette and we get a kick out of mixing hues to come up with our own.

Fitting in the lens was another easy stage. Ho-hum.

Then... came the tricky part.
The Byted Beak, being a robot mask, cannot be made out of paper alone. We have to somehow throw in some hardware. Okay, we really didn't need to. But we do like killing ourselves. So… we went for it anyway.

We got bolt fasteners and little plastic lid protectors that we hoped would give the paper mask an illusion of 'robot-ness'.

Getting the materials was a walk in the park. Mixing the 2 media together was the challenge. It was our first time to work with a puncher, a cutter, and an ice pick. Yes! An ice pick!

After that little learning curve and several blisters later…

It was cosplay time --which happens to be another Papier Macheniac comfort zone. Yay!

Did this project inspire you to make your own Byted Beak Robot Mask? Hope it did. Can't wait to see how you made yours.