Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Speedy and Not So Sleepy Sandwich

Sandwich as a quick kiddie snack is a parent's best friend.  No fuss, no mess, and kids love the mobility it brings. 

But of course, my husband --who's recently dubbed himself as Chef Jing-- wouldn't allow that monotony to get in the way of food enjoyment.  The man has sandwich creativity up his sleeve.  Which he has demonstrated on a whole lot of sandwiches but I'm posting the ones of Miro's White Bread and Cheese Spread Combo to show the full versatility effect.

Introducing the Sandwich Sailboat.

The Cheese and Chips Campfire.

The CheeseKebab!

Props included are his trusty bread knife and a whole lot of wicked imagination.  This food art is applicable on all types of sandwiches, and enjoyable for all types of kids.  Just let your mind run away with it and fun eating will automatically take shape.

Boring sandwich again?  Oh no, not this time.

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