Friday, April 11, 2014

Papier Macheniacs: SCP-035 on a Plate

Now serving...

Our latest arts and crafts and creepy: The comedy mask donned by SCP-035 in the videogame SCP Containment Breach! *thunder, lightning, and what-not*

It's your typical theater comedy mask --which we could've easily bought somewhere online. But because we like challenging ourselves in the messiest way possible, we decided to make it by hand and glue and a paper plate. Uh-huh, the lowly paper plate is fast becoming our favorite mask-making ingredient, seriously.

Shaping is the key here. After the first layer of papier mache, we let it dry overnight while taped at the back and wedged in between two heavy objects.

When you're done with the second layer, just paint the mask death white and add lovely details like --oh I don't know-- blood trails maybe. And voila! Instead of scaring people out of their wits in a video game, now you can do it in real life! WOOHOO!
(Yeeeah... our kicks are pretty simple. Lol!)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier review, check.


Incredible fight sequences, check.
Okay... speechless. I just... can't. To the fight choreographer, let me throw petals and praise your way. Every kick and punch seriously hurt my gut.

Sexual tension between key characters, check.
I never thought Black Widow and Captain America would look cool smooching away on an escalator. But they do! I demand an affair!

Death and undeath of a key character, check.
R.I.P., Nick Fury. Or, not. Because as Phil Coulson has proven once. nobody dies in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Name dropping, check.
Casually mentioning bigwigs like Iron Man and Tony Stark. Ooh... and a Stark Enterprises logo, too! Marvel, you just know who sells, huh?

Mad scientist experiment gone bad, check.
Well... yeah.

Aerial action of the highest proportion, check.
Marvel has a thing for things blowing up in the sky. But three ships shooting at each other was amazing.

"I won't fight you... You're my frieeeend...!!!" drama, check.
Hee... this made me cringe a bit. Not because it's a tad cliche. But because Chris Evans isn't really the best let-your-heart-out actor out there. It was kinda awkward. But his pecs and biceps flexing during this scene made up for that.

Impending doom punchline, check.
An alien weapon. Yes.

It's a complete package! What didn't check out quite well with us was the fact that The Winter Soldier only came into the picture an hour into the film. We almost forgot his name was in the movie title. Speaking of names, his real name is BUCKY. Bucky, The Winter Soldier. Bucky. the Killing Machine. Bucky... of Doom. It's like Buffy, the Vampire Slayer... except they were serious.

If you're watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, get ready to be blown away with the intense action. Oh, and the Falcon was the bomb! Catch it or lose it.