Monday, June 6, 2011

Badass Backpacks... RAWR!!!!

Clipper may not know it, but it's just made 2 huge Super Mario Brothers' fans extremely happy this school year.

Presenting Clipper Giftshop's Dino Spike Packs --which to my gradeschoolers look exactly like the evil monster Bowser's back!  How eerily cool is that??? 
Yes.  Bowser.  The bad guy who keeps getting the moustached plumber's princess.  Yep, that guy.

Without much of a doubletake, Kenji brushed through the line of monster bags and opted for the original leathery Bowser finish.  He says it looks 'alive' and 'creepy' and he loves it that way.

Miro, on the other hand, went for the Bowser Dark Lord transformation look.  (Apparently, Bowser changes his shell's appearance per Super Mario game level.  Who woulda thunk it!)  He chose this black bag for the sheer stealth mode-ness of it.  You won't know it's a secret weapon until it pokes you in the eye! 

And there's more where these came from.  Clipper Giftshop's fine leather bags are top shelf when it comes to unique designs and individuality.  They're sturdy enough to survive the wear and tear of Primary School life.  They're smartly priced.  And they immediately give one striking message to the other kids in the playground...

"Mess with me, and my backpack will go all sorts of fashionable badass on you!"

Disclaimer:  The spikes on the bags are made of soft leather.  They will not in any way physically harm a single soul.


  1. i want a pink dino bag :)) how much is it?

  2. We got ours at Php700-750 a piece. Price depends on the size and skin. Hope you have fun with your new pink dino bag! :)

  3. ano at paano ko mapapaltan pag naalis na ung pinadesign ng bag ng clipper..
    help me pls... i dont throw away my clipper bag..

    1. please help me where do i go to my repair my clipper bag..

    2. Sorry to hear about your Clipper bag. :( Perhaps you can have it fixed at any leather repair store. I know Mr. Quickie accepts jobs beyond shoes. Good luck! :)