Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mr. Popper's Penguins is Positively Peachy

And it means a lot for me to say that because I loathe Jim Carrey.
Alright, 'loathe' is a strong word.  Let's just say I haven't forgiven him for the headache that is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.  Fair enough?

Speaking of pets, Jim Carrey did earn my respect and two thumbs up last night with yet another animal movie.  After losing a toss-coin with our kids (actually it was rigged --my boys LOVE penguins), we dropped Green Lantern at the movie house for Mr. Popper's Penguins, a movie adaptation of the 1990s children's bestseller.  And honestly, a good choice.

Although the story ain't no great shakes --it's the usual endangered species beloved by a family and they have to let it go with a "You heard me!  Go away!  I don't love you anymoooore...!!!!" premise --Jim Carrey's over-the-top acting did put the extra salsa to it.  And again, saying that means a lot.

Jim Carrey as the power-driven, creatively devious real estate hotshot, Tom Popper, makes the man more lovable than annoying.  And really, penguins --how can you not find penguins adorable and funny, huh?  The mixture is just spot-on!

What's more, the penguins are given individual personalities which make you connect with them more.  A great deal of emotion was poured on the characterization of Captain, the lead penguin --who wanted nothing more in life than to be a father and fly.  A double-entendre there since being a good father and flying away with his family is what Tom Popper really wanted in life.  It's just that all the flashiness of big business made him lose sight of it.  The heart-wrenching, bittersweet father-and-son relationship of Popper Senior and Popper Junior makes the movie a fitting Father's Day offering, too.

Ah, but I've said too much.  Drama, comedy, action --waddling penguins make great action material, believe me-- all in one sincerely fun, heart-warming family movie.  That's Mr. Popper's Penguins.  Originally planned to star Ben Stiller whom I detest (and yes, 'detest' may be another strong word).  But after last night, I believe Jim Carrey is indeed the perfect performer to play this part and push the production's power.

Oh, that's a P play.  You'll get it when you watch the movie.

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