Sunday, October 11, 2015

Take Blog-a-bing Blog-a-boom to the Bloggys!

Your favourite Creative Parenting blog made it to the Voting Stage of the Bloggys 2015! YES! THE BLOGGYS! The Philippines' premiere awarding event lauding bloggers who have influenced readers to become better human beings on this...


Ok, what do you mean this isn't your favourite Creative Parenting blog?! Grrr… :D

In any case, have a heart and make this motherblogger win, why doncha? I mean, think of all the family movies I've reviewed, the toys I've unveiled, the arts and crafts I've dished out as far as the eye can see…! Haha!
Yeah, that's enough grovelling. Check out the little video we cooked up below on how to vote for Blog-a-bing Blog-a-boom at the Bloggys. Starring our very own Papier Macheniacs' crafts! WOOHOO!

Or… you can just click on this.
See? Voting is such a breeze. :)

So take Blog-a-bing Blog-a-boom to the Bloggys 2015, dear readers. This crazy-creative mom and her equally crazy-creative kids thank you!