Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Papier Macheniacs Goes To War!

World War 1 has exploded on our work table!
A gas mask, a portable oxygen tank, complete with air hoses. FUN!

And it all began with (you guessed it) a paper plate. And, paper cups. And a mad amount of tape.

The straps are made out of folded newspaper.

And then, paper mache'd to authentic image and likeness. If I do say so myself. :P

Painting! We used the Multipurpose Black paint for this one and the coverage was fantastic. It stunk for a while but nothing a little airing out can't fix.

The green lens is standard Yema cellophane wrapper.

The oxygen tank is any kind of can we had our hands on.

Standard black washing machine hose for the breathing tubes.

Just a little finishing touches after that and we're done!

And THAT'S how you go to war! Just make sure the enemy isn't using water guns. Lol! Have fun making your own with paper mache.