Friday, May 31, 2013

Thumbs Up to a Theater Laugh Trip!

It was our boys' first time to watch a non-musical, original theater play.  And you can only guess how agitated that made my husband and I.  What with a hyper 9-year old's usual "I'm bored.  Can we go home now?" and an artistically judgmental 11-year old's typical 'This isn't fun enough.  Are you sure this thing is for kids?".  They got that from us.  Oh well.

But with double-bill titles like The Legion and The Attack of the Shakespeare Fairy, this virgin theater experience felt like a step in the right direction.  And it was!

The Legion was a 'what happens when  super villains decide to form their own super league.'  A power play scenario that ran for 15 hilarious minutes.  Absorbo and his power-sucking tiara... I mean, DI-A-DEM!... was our boys' favorite.  Bob the Bad Guy, a close second.  They felt bad the show had been so short.  They were, in fact, expecting a part 2! :)

After a 10-minute break, The Attack of the Shakespeare Fairy came on.  It was a 'what happens when a bunch of Literature students decide to make easy their Shakespeare project by summoning the mythical and all-powerful Shakespeare Fairy.'  The set-up alone screamed mayhem!  Much to our surprise and utter glee, our kids paid complete attention and laughed like loons all throughout its 1 hour and a half's running time.

I just have to say that the fairy princess... er, the Shakespeare Fairy... was incredible!  He got our boys repeating his lines until bedtime.  They did a lot of rolling on the floor, too --thanks to Toby, the lovestruck Shakepearean.

Photo nabbed from Joel Trinidad's page
But the most awesome part of the show was when our friend, Joel --the genius writer, director, and acting coach behind this spectacle-- came onstage.  Not only to thank the audience for watching, but to hand out the actors their completion certificates.  These actors were actually part of a summer Master Class workshop under Joel, and this stage was their way of showing the fruits of their labor.

What a fulfilling end to a giggles galore night!  Kudos to these young thespians and much love and applause to you, Joel!  Our boys suddenly want to take up acting next summer. :P

This first from the Repertory Philippines and Upstart Productions definitely opened our kids' eyes and heart to theater that goes beyond the usual Disney musicals.
Joel, I expect even more greatness --and more invites-- in the future.  Haha!  Well played, my friend, well played!

In the words of your funny and forever-bent university dean... ''

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Brand New Summer at the Village

For this crew, summer isn't summer without a visit to the Village Sports Club.
With 4 huge pools for a variety of ages and swimming levels, we can't possibly run out of things to do here, right?

But you know what, that isn't enough for the Village Sports Club.  This place just keeps on evolving.  Just yesterday, we were exposed to 2 new treats that the place now offers its members.

The freshly-renovated outdoor expanse had us zooming 'round a race track for some go-go Go Karting.

The push-pedal go karts can be adjusted for all sizes.
The start of the track is beautifully tree-lined...
...then turns into a post-apocalyptic ambiance towards the finish.  Nice touch!
The newly-constructed VSC Phase 2 had us bowling like experts.  Ok, we assumed we played like experts.  Haha!

Coziest bowling lounge ever!
The lanes' side rails come up for kiddie noobs...
...then brought down for experts.  My husband was the only real bowler in our gang. :P
There are more new things to experience at VSC Phase 2.  Like the swanky videoke lounges, resident restos, the arcade, business rooms and party areas --right on top of VSC Phase 1's good ol' basketball court, tennis court, futsal field, and spa staples.

We capped the day back at the pools... soaking up the sun with some glorious food.

The play pool.
The wading pool.
The pool resto and view deck.
As it is, the Village Sports Club is a complete summer package!  But I can bet you it will still come up with more awesomeness pretty soon.

Be a member today!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A FIRST in Robotics.

FINALLY!  I found an actual robotics school!  And when I say school, I mean with a true blue school building, a school-year program, robot terrain challenge exams, daily training, ending in a full-blown badge to represent the country in international robotics competitions.
The FIRST Robotice Learning Center is the best.  summer discovery.  evaah!

Needless to say, Miro is generously pumped to get started.  This wasn't a simple summer break.  This was for real.

Nice, guarded entrance.
Long hallway decked with students' achievements.
Huge waiting room and playroom.
The kids' own lockers.
Super spacious classrooms which house a couple of large-scale robot terrain challenges each.
Wide work benches with a great abundance of building tools.
Individual laptops and workbooks that record every child's progress.

The FIRST Robotics Learning Center uses the usual flair of NXT Lego Mindstorms --kids learn to design, build, and program their robots in the name of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Its specialized curriculum spans 3 levels.



And 9+

As always, every session ends with a robot creation.  So it's instant gratification all the way!  Just look at these mechana-marvels Miro cooked up on his first 2 days.

The Motochopper.

And The Robowalkies.

FIRST Robotics also has summer programs for your little geekazoids just in case you want to test the water first.  These are 4 sessions which, I assure you, you will end up extending.

When it comes to robotics, make FIRST your first and last.  I think we're going in that general direction. :)