Friday, May 31, 2013

Thumbs Up to a Theater Laugh Trip!

It was our boys' first time to watch a non-musical, original theater play.  And you can only guess how agitated that made my husband and I.  What with a hyper 9-year old's usual "I'm bored.  Can we go home now?" and an artistically judgmental 11-year old's typical 'This isn't fun enough.  Are you sure this thing is for kids?".  They got that from us.  Oh well.

But with double-bill titles like The Legion and The Attack of the Shakespeare Fairy, this virgin theater experience felt like a step in the right direction.  And it was!

The Legion was a 'what happens when  super villains decide to form their own super league.'  A power play scenario that ran for 15 hilarious minutes.  Absorbo and his power-sucking tiara... I mean, DI-A-DEM!... was our boys' favorite.  Bob the Bad Guy, a close second.  They felt bad the show had been so short.  They were, in fact, expecting a part 2! :)

After a 10-minute break, The Attack of the Shakespeare Fairy came on.  It was a 'what happens when a bunch of Literature students decide to make easy their Shakespeare project by summoning the mythical and all-powerful Shakespeare Fairy.'  The set-up alone screamed mayhem!  Much to our surprise and utter glee, our kids paid complete attention and laughed like loons all throughout its 1 hour and a half's running time.

I just have to say that the fairy princess... er, the Shakespeare Fairy... was incredible!  He got our boys repeating his lines until bedtime.  They did a lot of rolling on the floor, too --thanks to Toby, the lovestruck Shakepearean.

Photo nabbed from Joel Trinidad's page
But the most awesome part of the show was when our friend, Joel --the genius writer, director, and acting coach behind this spectacle-- came onstage.  Not only to thank the audience for watching, but to hand out the actors their completion certificates.  These actors were actually part of a summer Master Class workshop under Joel, and this stage was their way of showing the fruits of their labor.

What a fulfilling end to a giggles galore night!  Kudos to these young thespians and much love and applause to you, Joel!  Our boys suddenly want to take up acting next summer. :P

This first from the Repertory Philippines and Upstart Productions definitely opened our kids' eyes and heart to theater that goes beyond the usual Disney musicals.
Joel, I expect even more greatness --and more invites-- in the future.  Haha!  Well played, my friend, well played!

In the words of your funny and forever-bent university dean... ''

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