Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Brand New Summer at the Village

For this crew, summer isn't summer without a visit to the Village Sports Club.
With 4 huge pools for a variety of ages and swimming levels, we can't possibly run out of things to do here, right?

But you know what, that isn't enough for the Village Sports Club.  This place just keeps on evolving.  Just yesterday, we were exposed to 2 new treats that the place now offers its members.

The freshly-renovated outdoor expanse had us zooming 'round a race track for some go-go Go Karting.

The push-pedal go karts can be adjusted for all sizes.
The start of the track is beautifully tree-lined...
...then turns into a post-apocalyptic ambiance towards the finish.  Nice touch!
The newly-constructed VSC Phase 2 had us bowling like experts.  Ok, we assumed we played like experts.  Haha!

Coziest bowling lounge ever!
The lanes' side rails come up for kiddie noobs...
...then brought down for experts.  My husband was the only real bowler in our gang. :P
There are more new things to experience at VSC Phase 2.  Like the swanky videoke lounges, resident restos, the arcade, business rooms and party areas --right on top of VSC Phase 1's good ol' basketball court, tennis court, futsal field, and spa staples.

We capped the day back at the pools... soaking up the sun with some glorious food.

The play pool.
The wading pool.
The pool resto and view deck.
As it is, the Village Sports Club is a complete summer package!  But I can bet you it will still come up with more awesomeness pretty soon.

Be a member today!