Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Bowl

Please tell me.  I just have to know.

What is it with the bowl-shaped haircut that we always give them to little boys?

I know this isn't a universal thing but it IS common, specially where I'm from.  As soon as the boy reaches a certain age when his hair has started to thicken out --ta-daaa!-- bowl haircut takes over.

Is it like a right of passage for little boys?  Is it like you have not truly moved on from babyhood to boyhood unless you get the bowl?

I hear some old-timers say that this is the way to grow out baby hair.  And why do we need to grow out baby hair?  Because if you cut them off too soon, the hair will 'feel bad' and 'grow bad'.  Ooohkaaay...  

I hear some people say that the bowl is done because it looks so darn cute.  Looking like you're wearing a Stormtrooper helmet for the rest of your toddler life is cute?  Hmm... whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Some say it's...tradition.  Uh, come again?  When is a preference for a 'do a tradition?  I'm told (and yes, i had the gall to ask!) that their dads sported the said popular hairstyle in their youth, so it's only fitting for the next generation to experience it as well.  Oooh... like a family heirloom! 

I mean, why is that when I announced that I wanted to cut my boys' hair short when they were toddlers, I got the glare?  And was promptly told, "They're still children.  Give them big boy's hair when they've become big boys!"???

Just so we're clear, I'm not complaining.  Just incessantly wondering.  Admit it, the mystery of the bowl-shaped haircut's roots (pun absolutely intended) is indeed baffling.  

But, hey, it looked good on my boys anyway. :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Are You A Career Daredevil?

I'm asking because I'm not.
I'm more like a Career Chicken.  20 years in the same industry --what does that tell you?
I know of some people who have made drastic career shifts and live to tell the tale.  The writer who's now a chef.  The advertising manager who's now a restaurant owner.  The vet who's now a theater actor.
These are amazing leaps of faith they've taken.  And I can bet my life they can do them again.
Me, my biggest evolution is from being a top manager of a powerful firm to being a stay-at-home mom.  And I'm completely botching THAT up.
But ...that's not my point.  My point is, I do have a job offer and it's far from my 20-year comfort zone.  It's all about digital technology.  And I'm all about being 40 years old who's digital knowledge amounts only to Yahoo Mail and Facebook.  
But the digital guys like me so I might just take the leap of faith.  
Eyes shut.  
Arms flailing.  
Screaming all the way down.
If things don't work out, I'll remember all my 20 years of bliss in therapy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First DIY Disaster

It's taking a lot of courage to post this.  This is very embarrassing and unnerving.  
But for lack of anything better to do, allow me a moment to humiliate myself.

Remember that since being a SAHM, I figured I could do more for Kenji's birthday party --having more time in my hands and all that?  So, if you would go back to my earlier post, I decided to take a stab at making the birthday party cupcakes myself.  Now, mind you...I do not bake.  In fact, I'm more like the power tripper who assigns people to do stuff for me.  But the cupcakes, well, let's just say they looked easy to make.  

Little did I know, whipped cream was out to ruin me.
I'm learning now that whipped cream doesn't make good frosting.  It melted and totally liquified into child's snot as soon as we had the cupcakes loaded in the car for transport.  The neat little chocolate rocket toppers mostly saved the presentation, but it likewise sank into the mush of soggy cupcakes. :(

Thank God it was the only thing I thought of doing myself!  Imagine if I had decided to don a clown costume for the entertainment!  (although looking back now, I think I would've done a better job there, lol)

So, just so you know, this is the last time I'm baking.  Or even DIYing anything.  Next time I need something done that's out of my league, enough of the bravado.  I'll go back to hiring good help (aka, power tripping).