Saturday, June 9, 2018

Papier Macheniacs: How to Turn Hulk Into Thanos

Painfully late post, friends. But this is worth the wait.
This is the official HOW TO TOY TRANSFORMATION from The Big Green Smasher to The Mad Titan!

Riding the Avengers: Infinity War hype, we came up with this neat little paper mache project that had us cross-eyed with how little it is. No, I'm not kidding. Other than Mr. Bean's tiny Teddy, we have papermache'd anything this small. Anything this small with this much detail.

But I'm just whining like a little girl. The project came out great so it's well-deserving of the eye strain.

We started off with an old Hulk toy that lost his head, thanks to our chunky pooch, Luna, and her unfathomable hate towards action figures.

We did a test on the color change and it looked pretty good. Well, after a few tries and a dollop of Fixative. The paint kept sticking to our hands.

Then, we went with the body modification process. This was a lot of fun. Especially that part where we molded boots to cover Hulk's gigantic toes and got a Pink Power Ranger's head to play stand-in.

A bit of waiting time for drying and then we went down with painting in colors. the details followed soon after. The head, much much later. It literally took us 7 tries to get Thanos' features right!

Finally, we did it. YAY!

Hard to tell this guy used to be Hulk, huh? Definitely one of your craziest transformations, Mr. Banner. :)