Friday, March 11, 2016

Papier Macheniacs: Turning Charlie Brown into Linus

Very, very late post.

Flashback to last month: We've been trying our darnedest to complete our Peanuts character collection from McDonald's --and failing miserably, thanks to some people who keep beating us to the Linus supply. So we have everyone except Linus and that's totally got my little man bummed out. Good thing the little man had a spark of genius:
"Mimi… why don't we just turn one of our Charlie Browns into Linus?"

Well, hot damn, why not!

And just like that, the Paper Macheniacs' Toy Transformation Project was so on!

We needed to do a bit of re-shaping and a ton of re-painting so we slathered one of our Charlie Browns with the basic foundation of glue and tissue. We used the paper mache to add embellishments on the 'new' toy as well. Notice the little blanket sticking out his hand there?

We were using water-based paint so it was easier to paint on Linus' clothes on top of Charlie brown's with the paper mache base.

Now… for the hair.
We twisted some glue and tissue --quite messily, I might add-- to create Linus' wiry locks.

It's a total score that Charlie Brown has a nice shiny dome, too. It gave us more wiggle room to plant Linus' hair onto it. And when I mean 'plant'… I do mean PLANT. And here you go… planting! :) This was so much fun!

Just a little trim off the top and sides and a date with some hair dye (er, black paint, I mean), and…

TADAH! Charlie brown has officially turned into Linus!

No more seeing doubles here.
"Goodness grief!", says Charlie Brown. Haha!

So if the mainstream market can't give your kids the toys they want, then by all means, do a little toy transformation. It's cheaper, more fun, and more fulfilling. And, THAT is how we roll. :)

If you've done any toy transformations lately, with or without the use of paper mache, you can share them in the comment box below.