Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to School with Monsters University


Here's a fabulous way to celebrate surviving the first month back to school --Monsters University!  A prequel to Monsters Inc. which takes us back to Sulley and Mike Wazowski's extra colorful college days.  The nice thing about this flashback is that it shows us exactly how our beloved monsters have changed through the years. 

How Mike wasn't just a funny monster, but a determined scarer.

How Sulley wasn't always a responsible furry 'Kitty', but a party jock and jerk.

How Randall wasn't always a conniving villain, but actually a nerd who sported glasses and wanted nothing more than just to fit in.

A big plus is seeing Mike as a wide-eyed toddler with braces.  Ain't he adorable????  Awww...

The story is all about Determination and Positivism.  How you can fight the odds when they're all against you.  And how you can make things work to your advantage as long as you have the drive.  I didn't quite like the cliche 'Nerds Fight Back' theme that went on.  But the scene where Mike and Sulley first worked together to scare human adults instead of children is definitely our favorite ever.  That was the best scaring scheme!  And adult screams generate more energy than kids'.  Who knew?

Lastly, when Mike finally accepted the fact that he couldn't be a scarer... he went on and became a scare coach.  How's that for making your weakness work for you!

My kids got a different message though. 
"So let me get this straight.  We don't need to finish school to get a job?"
Ugh.  Thanks a lot, Disney Pixar.

Monsters University is still running.  So finish your homework and catch it!

Monday, June 24, 2013



With that kind of intro, you just know spoilers are afoot.  If you don't dig that kind of thing, avert yer eyes!

Nothing would have ever prepared us for World War Z.  Nothing.  It was literally a heart-pounding ride all throughout with only the shortest stops for a bite of popcorn.  And before you go saying "Not another zombie movie!", oooh... World War Z promises to be that and more.  MORE being the operative word here.


Think 'army of ants attacking a downed roach'.  That's how much more!  And these are not your typical Walkers.  This breed of undead are runners... no wait, athletes!  They sprint like Olympic Gold Medalists, throwing their bodies over walls, catching wind for a fraction of a second, and then resuming a mad dash for your jugular without breaking a sweat.  Oh, and once they bite you, you're zombified in 12 seconds.  Hence, more zombies in record-breaking time.


Brad Pitt takes the helm in this survival fest.  Starting off as the father of a happy family.  Quickly catapulting into a panic-stricken dad running around with his brood in a zombie-filled city.  Then, relief as his family was saved.  Only to get angered by the government keeping his family hostage unless he saves the world.  Followed by utter desperation to get the job done... all for his family.  And you thought you knew what an emotional rollercoaster was.


Ok, I know this movie is fast-paced.  But I just think Brad might've been way too swifty in figuring out a way to protect the survivors from the zombie menace.  There were a couple of signs.  But were those really enough?  Oh well.  It's a slight kink which, with all this slam-bang happening, I can simply overlook.


Is this a mere 'rabies' epidemic gone out of hand?
Is this a massacre brought on by the serial killer known as Mother Nature?
Is this a plague sent by God to reset the mankind button once again?  I got all giddy when He tried to spare Jerusalem all over again, too.
Or, is this an invasion conspiracy wherein only the healthy turn into zombies while the ill and weak continue to survive while they can?  Seriously, these zombies won't even eat you.  They just bite you so you, too, will turn.  Evil.  I say that's pretty scheme-ish.  It makes the zombie apocalypse almost like a weapon of war.  Hmm...

But I overanalyze.

If you plan to watch World War Z soon --and I highly recommend it-- prepare to lose your breath.
If you plan to survive the zombie apocalypse in the future --and I highly recommend this, too-- lose the stilettos and run.

Monday, June 10, 2013

And the highlight of this post is...

I get bored easily.  And I take it out on my hair.  I change styles like every couple of months.  I've gone from the sleeked to the flipped, from the bobbed to the geometrically odd --all thanks to the patience and valuable input of David's Salon.  Yeah, I don't go for the ultra expensive hair centers.  I've got my creative crew right here.

Soon enough, of course, the inevitable happened.  I ran out of style ideas.  My style team (yes, I actually have one --haha!) was equally stumped.  So I guess this can only mean one thing:  Time to Dye!

I sat there staring at pages upon pages of possible colors and all I could think of was "Eeenie, menie, minie, mooooe...".  I'm not a stranger to color.  But my mane has been the jettest of blacks for years now.  It all felt like a first time kind of thing all over again.  All I knew was that if I wanted a change, it just had to be obvious.  And it shouldn't embarrass my children... too much.  Hehe.

After a longish meeting with my style team (Haha!  They will deny this for sure!), we decided that highlights is the way to go.  But, highlights that seriously create, you know, a REAL highlight.  None of those regular browns that are only visible when hit with the right amount of outdoor lighting.

3 hours later... VOILA!  My old hair is crowned with stripes of violet, purple, blue, with funky bright reds at the tips! 
I know, it sounds 'scary killer clown' when I enumerate it like that, but really, it's fine.  Super fine, in fact.  The colors are carefully distributed so as not to give the regular bystander a heart attack, but a lovely shock instead.  I've never felt this high about highlights before!  I got the huge change I needed, the unique style I wanted, and my kids love it.  They say my hair reminds them of peanut butter and jelly with a little bit of zombie attack.  Ha!
Kudos to my style team! (Haha!  I just can't stop myself, can I? :P)