Monday, June 10, 2013

And the highlight of this post is...

I get bored easily.  And I take it out on my hair.  I change styles like every couple of months.  I've gone from the sleeked to the flipped, from the bobbed to the geometrically odd --all thanks to the patience and valuable input of David's Salon.  Yeah, I don't go for the ultra expensive hair centers.  I've got my creative crew right here.

Soon enough, of course, the inevitable happened.  I ran out of style ideas.  My style team (yes, I actually have one --haha!) was equally stumped.  So I guess this can only mean one thing:  Time to Dye!

I sat there staring at pages upon pages of possible colors and all I could think of was "Eeenie, menie, minie, mooooe...".  I'm not a stranger to color.  But my mane has been the jettest of blacks for years now.  It all felt like a first time kind of thing all over again.  All I knew was that if I wanted a change, it just had to be obvious.  And it shouldn't embarrass my children... too much.  Hehe.

After a longish meeting with my style team (Haha!  They will deny this for sure!), we decided that highlights is the way to go.  But, highlights that seriously create, you know, a REAL highlight.  None of those regular browns that are only visible when hit with the right amount of outdoor lighting.

3 hours later... VOILA!  My old hair is crowned with stripes of violet, purple, blue, with funky bright reds at the tips! 
I know, it sounds 'scary killer clown' when I enumerate it like that, but really, it's fine.  Super fine, in fact.  The colors are carefully distributed so as not to give the regular bystander a heart attack, but a lovely shock instead.  I've never felt this high about highlights before!  I got the huge change I needed, the unique style I wanted, and my kids love it.  They say my hair reminds them of peanut butter and jelly with a little bit of zombie attack.  Ha!
Kudos to my style team! (Haha!  I just can't stop myself, can I? :P)

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