Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Papier Macheniacs: The Gunslinger

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Engineer's melee weapon… The Gunslinger!
Goshdarnit! Let's start this DIY walkthrough with a videoooooo!

Now, let's get our hands dirty.
Our Team Fortress 2 Gunslinger has 2 parts: the wearable hand structure, and the wrist attachments. Both of which are made out of stuff you have lying around the house.

The hand part needs to fit you like a glove. So that's exactly what you'll need! A gardener's glove, a washing machine hose, and fishing floaters. Yes, fishing floaters! You'll have to cut the hose to a variation of ring lengths. The floaters, you'll have to carve at the bottom for finger space. Whip out your handy glue gun --and TA-DAH! You got yourself the basic foundation of power!

Now paint the floaters silver grey. This melee weapon is basically a robot arm. The floaters original ice cream colours just won't cut it.

Moving on to the wrist attachments --Oh, we got a lot going on here. You'll need a Pringles canister chopped into 2 parts.A Lays canister sliced for your top hand piece. Empty matchboxes for the bigger wrist band. Coins for buttons. And more washing machine hose rings for the details.

Paper mache like the devil!

Paint and distress.

And you're set!

Now get out there, kick some intense butt, and be the Engineer of your own Team Fortress destiny!