Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My First DIY Disaster

It's taking a lot of courage to post this.  This is very embarrassing and unnerving.  
But for lack of anything better to do, allow me a moment to humiliate myself.

Remember that since being a SAHM, I figured I could do more for Kenji's birthday party --having more time in my hands and all that?  So, if you would go back to my earlier post, I decided to take a stab at making the birthday party cupcakes myself.  Now, mind you...I do not bake.  In fact, I'm more like the power tripper who assigns people to do stuff for me.  But the cupcakes, well, let's just say they looked easy to make.  

Little did I know, whipped cream was out to ruin me.
I'm learning now that whipped cream doesn't make good frosting.  It melted and totally liquified into child's snot as soon as we had the cupcakes loaded in the car for transport.  The neat little chocolate rocket toppers mostly saved the presentation, but it likewise sank into the mush of soggy cupcakes. :(

Thank God it was the only thing I thought of doing myself!  Imagine if I had decided to don a clown costume for the entertainment!  (although looking back now, I think I would've done a better job there, lol)

So, just so you know, this is the last time I'm baking.  Or even DIYing anything.  Next time I need something done that's out of my league, enough of the bravado.  I'll go back to hiring good help (aka, power tripping).

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