Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doodles. I do.

When we moved here, we left a wall in one of the rooms for our little toddlers to doodle on at their own free will.  No manila paper.  Just plain wall.

Guests who saw this were immediately aghast.  'Don't Draw On The Walls!' has been one of the most basic house rules and parenting commands in the glorious Parenting Handbook since the beginning of time.  And we have... THIS???

Once, a friend even took to the wall with a scrubber and a bucket of water and detergent.  Thank goodness I managed to stop her!

4 years later, Kenji inspects his old doodles.
You see, this wall isn't just a dingy wall allowed to perish by irresponsible parents.  This wall is a mural documenting our children's innocence.  When they're adults themselves, they'll look back to this wall and a flood of wonderful memories will wash over them.  It's far better than a photograph.  This one wall is the real, original deal.

I guess what freaked out most of the guests was the fact that the act was completely consented.  The higher drawings were in fact done by the kids while perched on their father's shoulders or sitting on their high chairs.  Plus, that I don't clean the wall of old, dirty little hand prints and foot prints.  Again, those are documentations!

Now that our boys are bigger, they don't draw on that wall anymore.  They prefer paper --like boring, responsible adults.  Lol!
But, once in a while, I do catch them getting in touch with their irreverent youth ...all over again.
A little comic strip doodle on the inside of Miro's pencil case.

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