Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yeeeah... We Like It LOUD...

(It's the season of love so I'm going to make this as cheesy as possible.  Brace yourself.  You have been warned.)

Our love has always been based on loudness.  I was a club DJ and Jing was a bassist in a rock band.  We would spend late nights and early mornings in gigs, causing racket after racket, mayhem after mayhem.  And that's how we fell madly in love.  We just seem to crave the same stage, the same attention, the same level of fun.  We have that infinite need to be heard because we have something worthwhile to say.

The next loudness the world heard were wedding bells.  (Our motif was burnt copper --how loud is that?!)

Soon followed by the almost deafening wails of babies.  And when that kind of loudness hits you, you know it's about time your legacy of loudness gets passed on.

Now, we teach our boys to embrace the concept of being heard.  Be it on stage.

Be it at their very own art exhibit.

Be it at work or at play.

These boys are also highly-opinionated rascals --and Jing and I couldn't be more proud.  That's what we'd like to call a parenting WIN!  That's how you teach young'uns to live life to the fullest.  That's how you teach them to love.  No holding back.  Live and Let Loud!  Timid people rarely make history, after all.

And that's just how loud a history the new Loud For Him and Loud For Her scents from Tommy Hilfiger are about to make.   If these fab fragrances were human, I'd say they could be Jing and I --spreading the LOUD in the name of love.  (Aha!  I told you this would be cheesy!)

To know more about Tommy Hilfiger's Loud For Him and Loud For Her, visit Nuffnang's LOUD contest page and Tommy Hilfiger's Facebook Fan Page.

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