Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Cube

In the immortal words of Optimus Prime... "This is THE Cube..."

Although not as powerful as the Transformers' Cube version, the Experimental Cube: Rules of Nature earns the right to have THE to its name because it opens up an entire gateway of wonder and discovery in every child.  That's huge!  All the questions my boys ever had about nature are all in this box.  And they learn the answers by themselves. Through --wait for it-- experimentation.
AHA!  THIS is my boys' cup of tea!  Or... box of cookies.

The Cube comes with straws, strings, candles, test tubes, every tool my children need to unearth answers to nagging environmental questions.  And, a transparent box that's pretty much my little scientists' 'lab'. 

It also comes with a manual containing dozens of experiments that unearth a universe of ooohs and aaahs.  From something as complex and as PG as a Sunlight Simulation.

To something as simple as a do-it-yourself Puddle Evaporation test.  The manual comes complete with safety tips, nature trivia, and 'lesson learned' sections as well.

There's no stopping the amazement sessions with this educational toy.  Every inquisitive child who has the knack for hands-on knowledge will love this!  Plus, it hitting home with kiddie-level environmental awareness is a delectable icing on the box of cake. 

Oh yeah... there's no stopping the mess, too.  Too bad the Cube doesn't come with a floor mop.  Tsk.

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