Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sharkboy, in the Twilight of his Life

Cluelessness Alert in a bit... eherm.

One of the movies we watch over and over and over 'til the DVD grooves disappear is Robert Rodriguez's The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.  Aside from the fantasy/adventure/action platter it serves, Miro and Kenji continue to be amazed that this flick was co-written by a then 7-year old Racer Rodriguez (son of director Robert Rodriguez).  That tidbit is quite an inspiration to them.  Hence, their imagination's relentless pursuit for the same feat and glory.

Anyway, here is where the cluelessness part comes in.

Taylor Lautner's fake abs on the left was a premonition of what was to become on the right.
I just found out VERY recently (say, a few days ago *drops head in shame*) that the shark-raised boy my kids idolize is also the same werewolf young, hot-blooded women are pining for.  Who would've guessed that Taylor Lautner --that spunky, pint-sized martial artist known as Sharkboy,  grew up to be Taylor Lautner --this armor-abbed Jacob of Twilight???

Ok, maybe a lot of you did.  But I didn't.  I didn't give the ultra-popular vampire saga that much attention.  I love vampires, but not Twilight.  Sorry. :P

When I showed the boys what 'Sharkboy' looked like today, Miro was like, "WHOA!  That's one scary tummy!".   And then said, "I like him better when he was Sharkboy.  He was fun before.  Now he's just muscles."

Kenji's concern was simpler, yet very valid.  After seeing several photos of  today's Taylor on google, he was like, "He's always naked.  Did he lose his shirt, Mimi?"  

Yes, Kenji... Yes, he did.

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