Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fright Fest For The Wuuut?!

I can sum up the Nickelodeon Fright Fest in three words:  What. The. Heck.

Oh, Nickelodeon, you shouldn't have given us the most splendid time last Halloween.  Now, you've brought out expectations up so high... only to be dragged down in a sad puddle of inconvenience and boredom. :(

This year's Nick event --dubbed Fright Fest-- was held indoors.  I'm assuming this is a safety precaution after last Halloween's Planet Scream being rained on.  Sure, I embraced the airconditioning, but nothing beats the bigness of the great outdoors.  Nothing beats the feeling of freedom.

Speaking of which, Fright Fest had strict rules.  Oh, yes.  You can't play in this game booth unless you've lined up and played in this other booth.  You can't get sweets here unless you line up there.  Big bouncers were deployed everywhere to make sure you stayed in your line.  Organization is cool and all.  Until it zaps the fun out of the holiday, ya know.

Last year's venue layout was better, too.  All the booths surrounded the main area.  So even if you're lining up for candies or playing at the booths, you can still turn around to see what's happening on stage.  It was more giving.  Not much this time though.

Then there was the entertainment.  This is a personal ish, but last year's hosts were more entertaining than today's.  There were more production numbers now, but they weren't that kiddie.  I mean, a laser show to motown music?  Hmm... I dunno.
There were 4 mascots.  Which I thought was a cool thing.  Other than that, the show dragged for my boys.

Trick or Treating became such a hassle that we decided to just buy sweets on the way home.  Fright Fest managed to sell us some merchandising though.  There were no lines there.

I know, I know... it's not a good review.  It's just that Nickelodeon's Planet Scream so nailed Halloween for us (and I bet for a whole lot of people!) that we expected an encore.  Maybe next year again, huh, Nick?

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