Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick and Dirty Creepy

It was such a hectic couple of weeks that I was so sure we wouldn't have time for Halloween this year.  And with our family... THAT IS SO NOT DONE!
As early as September, Miro's already planned to come as Richtofen, dastardly doctor of Call of Duty.  Kenji dilly-dallied a bit but was firm last week that he just had to trick or treat in the ominous persona of the Slender Man.

But work continued to pile up that we barely had time to make costumes.  And with our family... we just have to MAKE costumes.  Geez.

My husband to the rescue!
Thank goodness Jing lives for resourceful creativity and insane deadlines!

In just half a day (hours before the Halloween event I've finally booked for us was expected to start), he's transformed Miro into Richtofen.  With my old coat, his old belt, Alpha's leash, a couple of acrylic aquarium edge guards, and cardboard.  I did try to borrow the office guard's hat for tighter authenticity, but he wouldn't let me. :P
Oh, and we purposely revised the swastika a bit because Miro didn't want any trouble with the government.  Lol!

Now Kenji's costume was a lot easier.  IF we had a suit.  Which we didn't.  So Jing had to modify Miro's old cardigan, borrow a tie, wrestle an alligator for gloves (ok, not really) and then slash a pair of nurse-type pantyhose to make Slender's mask.
To this, Kenji asked, "Do I smell like fart?" :D

But what really made these unprepared costumes work was how our boys worked them.  Every Halloween, these guys just get into complete character as soon as they don their cosplay duds.  Miro, at the Halloween event, stayed shady --because that's what cold-blooded killers do.  Kenji never smiled.  He floated!  Because that's what grim reapers do.

So there's our Quick and Dirty Halloween costumes.  Our boys say it was a success.  
After all, if there's anything this family knows how to pull off even in such short notice with very little to work with, it's Halloween.

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