Thursday, February 24, 2011

Angel's Pizza Combo... pure win!

We were looking for something different for Pizza Night --and we just got what we asked for.
Thanks to Jing's keen sense of discovery, he found this little pizza shop called Angel's.  At first glance, it's nothing much.  The flier they sent out was no great shakes either.  But when they said PIZZA.  PASTA. COMBO. on the box --they meant it!

Once opened, the pizza looked unassuming.

But once you grab a slice, you'll notice that it's actually 2 slices welded perfectly together by a thick layer of mozarella.  Careful peeling reveals that your Ultimate Cheese Pizza is actually right on top of a Meaty Pepperoni Pizza.  So ... hotdog!... you just got 2 pizzas in one without even knowing it!  Miro and I are cheese people while Kenji and Jing are true blue carnivores so it all works out. :P

About the PASTA. COMBO. thing, Angel's also has this unique menu item called Pasta In A Dough.  It's pasta shoved right in the middle of a super thick pizza.  So it's like the pizza is a bowl with pasta in it.
Mmm... interesting, eh? 

(My pathetic photography is so not doing justice to this awesome pizza find so I guess you'll just have to see it --and taste it-- to believe it)


  1. Angle's pizza sucks. soggy pizza is what served to customers. I've had very bad experience ordering from them.

  2. aww... sorry to hear that. maybe they have hits and misses and we were just lucky that day.