Monday, December 26, 2011

Phone, with a Cherry on top

Miro wants a phone for all the wrong reasons.  He needs it as a storage facility for his multitude of downloaded songs.  He needs it so he can record home movies.  He needs it to take pictures.  He needs it for the bluetooth app because he insists my phone should have copies of his handiwork.  And it has to be a phone because it's handier and cooler that way.

Texting and calling... nah, not interested.  Yet, anyway.

For this kind of need --and if this is your child's first phone-- it would be ridiculous to get him something as flashy and high techy as an iPhone.  Come on --I can't even afford an iPhone for myself!
So where do you run to?  Cherry Mobile or MyPhone!  For the holiday season, they have loads of units selling off at insanely low prices.  All loaded with multimedia apps and even promotional giveaways.

For Miro, we got Cherry Mobile's D11.  Great sound quality!  With memory space that can store a band's entire career in songs in.  That's a big thing for Miro since he's turning out to be quite a music buff.  The video and camera quality, eh, not so much.  But Miro has always been keen on lighting his home movies to perfection so this compensates big time for the cameraphone's grainy quality output.

The package came complete with accessories, too.  So it is quite a steal.

It's not much.  But my boy is sincerely thrilled for having his very own phone now.  It's like a right of passage in Middle School nowadays.  In my day, all you had to have was a Hollie Hobbes lunch box and you're in the In Crowd.  Geez.

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