Friday, December 9, 2011

Dough It Yourself

When I was a little girl, a standard field trip would mean going to the Manila Zoo, the Planetarium, and some food factory where we were exposed to how the food we liked were made.  It was all about seeing and believing.

My boys had their field trip early this week.  It was to the Science Discovery Center, the Mall of Asia Skating Rink, and to the Greenwich Pizza Parlor.  The big difference:  both Miro and Kenji were not only exposed --they were allowed to experience.  Every stop was completely hands-on.  It was all about seeing, doing, and understanding.

I made the IDs.  But the aprons were authentic give-aways.
On today's post, I'm focusing on Greenwich which not only gave the school a kitchen tour, a pizza lecture, and a bunch of games and prizes --but actually had the kids make their own pizzas as well!  It's called the Greenwich Pizza-Making Camp.  For a couple of golden hours, children were allowed to man the dough, the ingredients, and the oven (under careful supervision, of course).  Something they don't usually get to do at home.

That's a big thing for my boys.  Discovery is one thing.  But learning the ropes to an adult activity --that's empowering.  In fact, when it was time to eat their pizza creations, both decided to take theirs home to give to their Mimi and Dada.  Just so we know that today, they were honorary adult chefs... and they made pizza specially for us.  Yummy ones, too!

Ok, so Miro had to eat half of his on the trip home ("I was hungry, ok!") but we were still awfully proud. :)
Good call, Greenwich!

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