Sunday, December 18, 2011

Personalize Pasko with Midnight Snacks

I'm big on personalizing stuff.  I go full rabid mode on this come Christmas.  I'm not the kind who will buy presents in bulk.  I'm the kind who will go the extra mile in making sure each gift has a personal meaning to the person receiving it.

Not too easy when we're talking about the entire teaching staff of my children's school, is it?

Thank goodness --and sweetness-- for a lovely little thing called Midnight Snacks.  Run by the young, insanely creative oven queen, Larisse --Midnight Snacks bakes delicious cakes and goes the extra mile from there.  Midnight Snacks personalizes each cake according to your whim.  And gives brilliant inputs, too!

Just look at this masterpiece!  It's a 12-inch round cake with Chocolate Buttercream filling and icing covered in Marshmallow Fondant.  Got you drooling there, huh?  But wait --there's more.  The whole surface is shaped into my sons' school emblem in unbelievable detail (Read this:  It's not sucking up when it's the season for giving, hmp!).

Carefully sculpted at the foot of the cake is the image and likeness of my boy, Miro, in perky, holiday spirit.

To the right, it's my boy Kenji with his dog Alpha --who happens to be an unofficial mascot of the school-- crafted in delectably edible form.

Capping the personal touch is the greeting on the side of the cake.  I'm unabashedly proud of that. :P  The Oohs and Aahs from the teachers --oh, that made me even prouder.

The good thing about this luscious cake idea is that it's something the teachers can eat and enjoy together as they bond before the school closes for the holidays.  It's a lot more meaningful than when they get their own random gifts and then head on their separate ways.  Pasko (as we know it) is also the season for sharing, after all.

The better thing:  They'll remember that it's your children who made that meaningful, flavorful moment happen.  *super slow clap*

If you're thinking of giving much more for Pasko and beyond, go personalized.  Share the impeccable inside-and-out goodness of Midnight Snacks.  I did.  And I'll do it again!

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