Sunday, January 22, 2012

Letting go and Letting grow

The moment Miro turned 10, everything just changed.
Suddenly, he's moved up to Middle School.  Suddenly, he'd stay a little longer in school to hang out with his friends.  And suddenly, he's going on an overnight camping trip to Iruhin Camp, Tagaytay... without me!  Not that I'm excited to go anywhere close to nature.  Nature messes up my hair and hiking does madness to make-up.  (Haha!)
But, seriously, Miro's never gone out of town without his family.  Let alone for 2 days.  That's just... crazy.

Anyhoo, this camp is the school's reward to Middle Schoolers who have finished all their goals way before the end of the last quarter.  And my 10-year old boy deserved this.  So Jing and I were all for letting him experience the great outdoors and his independence.  Well, Jing was more all for it.  I, on the other hand, was ok but a ball of nerves about it.

The night he was gone was the hardest.  I fought myself from texting him.  I know how kids can be mean when they find out that your mom has been checking up on you.  So I sat at home and wept (once, while watching the news and caught the segment about missing children... Ugh!), and wept (the second time at bedtime when Kenji started asking for his brother because he missed him --That was a short-lived drama, by the way.  Kenji slept like a baby a few minutes into it.  Lol!)

To keep my mind off the worry, I also took on tons of writing projects to distract me.  I successfully channeled my stress elsewhere, somewhere more productive.  Sure, I didn't get much sleep, but it was a better call than spending the night in a whimpering fetal position.  Ha!  Workaholism rocks!

When Miro got back the next day, hugs all around!  He had an awesome time at camp hiking up the hill, making kites, playing outdoor games, cooking barbecue and marshmallow over a fire, and setting up tents.  He admitted he got extremely homesick at bedtime.  But he fought the fear.
Just like that, and my boy is officially more mature.

There will be a time when you just have to let go and let them grow.  Despite a couple of short weak episodes, I think I did well in making that happen for Miro.
And Jing is laughing at me as I said that.  Creep.  :P

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