Friday, January 27, 2012

BeeBop, the Bubble Robot

He's not Danbo, but he comes pretty darn close.
Family Project Weekend presents... BeeBop, the Bubble-blowing Robot.  Technology has never gotten so cute!

It's a gift from Tita Lulu, and my boys (father included) jumped on it upon seeing that shiny Kidz Labs logo stamp on the box.  My boys and Kidz Labs --they're like THIS tight.  *makes closing in and bumping against each other movements with 2 index fingers*

And how can you not go giddy with a toy that comes with a blueprint?!

And small parts that prove to be choking hazards to kids 3 and below!

And wires!  Kids gotta love messing with wires!

Needless to say, this kind of toy is something your child should build with a parent in tow.  Specially when it requires certain tools which only a father has.

I'm giving this toy a thumbs up on the father-and-son bonding meter.  My boys were just all praises for their Dada the moment they heard the robot's inner mechanism whir to life.

Doll 'em up with some hi-tech-looking stickers and fill 'em up with  bubble soap and ...BAM!... BeeBop, the Bubble Robot lives!!!
No, seriously, he DOES live.  In fact, he's already had a rather terrifying run-in with a curious Super Mario toy right after production.
Plush toys and mechanized bubble-blowing robots --they just don't see eye to eye.  *makes sad, slow motion separating movements with 2 index fingers*.

Thanks, Tita Lulu!

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