Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who's up for a Journey 2 adventure?

Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island ... is it really blog-worthy?  Somewhat.

Spoiler alert from here on end so stop yourself if you want to keep the mystery mysterious.

I do think the movie's concept of merging three phenomenal books (Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, and Mysterious Island by Jules Verne) into one compelling story is way cool.  Merging the three map images from the three hardbounds to form a single map to the Mysterious Island complete with coordinates is way cooler.

Production design earns serious thumbs up from my art director husband.  Although some swimming and flying scenes where matting proves to be a little off garnered thumbs down.  Although these may be forgivable.  My husband is too kind.

I wasn't too hot on the script as well.  Some of the dialogues were tired, unfortunately.

My kids caught on a continuity flaw, too.  Every bug in the movie came out big, except for the fireflies.  Why were they were immune... hmm?

But the adventure all throughout scored high on the entertainment meter.  Giant lizards, giant spiders, giant bees, giant killer birds, giant electric eels --how can you possibly not jump for joy with that!  Discovering the lost city of Atlantis?  THAT sent my kids to insanity!  And the Nautilus!  Wow --seeing the Nautilus in its fully-operational glory was the high point in our children's movie-viewing career!

There were great parts of the film, but the best were already pre-empted in the trailer.  The tiny elephant, for one.  And, of course, Dwayne Johnson's signature Pec Pop of Love --which for me was the funniest sequence in the movie.  "C'mon... pop a berry!"  --best line delivery EVER!  Eventually, I will get over those self-moving boobies, but not today.

All in all --if you're not as whiny as I am, LOL!-- Journey 2 is indeed a wild, fun ride!  So, who's up for an adventure?

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