Monday, February 27, 2012

Papier Mache Shorties

Our boys are at it again!
This time, they're making movies with their homemade papier mache characters as top film actors.
I don't mind seeing them toss these 'artworks' in the air --and eventually end up on the work bench's intensive care unit.  The important thing is that they're building something out of them.  They were made not just to grace the shelves after all.  They're meant to be played with.  They're meant to make childhood stories.

Armed with papier mache and a camphone --these boys are unstoppable.

Harry Potter vs. Voldemort
That spine-tingling final duel scene from that magically epic movie franchise is reenacted by Kenji --complete with a resonating, deep voice that's making me think he's following my footsteps in voice acting.  Heee...
What I like about this kid is his talent at camera handling.  He puts in crazy angles, swish pans, all the stops to hold that suspenseful moment.  The comical twist he threw in the end is equally cool!

Dementio vs. Count Bleck
(Please ignore the sleeping whale in the first frame --that's me.  Videobomber!)
Miro is our resident storyteller.  So he's got his Super Paper Mario papier maches living out a cute little sitcom he cooked up himself.  What I like about this --aside from the voice changes in between characters which again prove that both my kiddos either have a future in voice acting or demomnic possession movie roles-- is that he used cuts to edit his material while shooting.  Neat director's treatment there!

Let's pause for that proud momma moment. :)

You know what, I think it's great parenting to give your kids a camphone nowadays.  Really.  It not only sparks their creativity.  It also allows them to record memories.  This time, the way THEY see it.

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