Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project : Plushie

So Miro challenged me to make a Kirby plushie.  I took on the challenge.  And failed miserably.  Miro says I did great though.  Such a sweet child.  But really, I did terrible work.  It was shoddy with thread sticking out everywhere, stuffing popping out of badly sewn seams, and the face --dear Lord!-- just how do you sew on features?  I opted for felt cut-outs and the glue gun.  Again, shoddy, shoddy work.

And then I saw these.

Super Mario plushies made by the magically inspired hands of Jessica Elayer!  I saw these on DeviantArt and fell madly in love with them on the get-go.  And what a cool idea --instead of sewing on or gluing on the face, PAINT IT ON!  God knows my success rate is more favorable with painting than sewing.
All you need is felt, fleece, and acrylic paint... and tubs of skill.  Sure, the sewing skill is something I badly need to work on.  But  I'm pretty confident I've got the painting part squarely on.  I think.

Jessica has other plushies which she ships locally and internationally for crafts-loving fans.  Very stimulating work this woman has.  She mixes pop with her own brand of uniqueness.

Armed with this brand new inspiration, I'm off to make my second (and hopefully better) plushie.  This time, by my own challenge.  

By the way, Miro insists that I post a picture of that horrid Kirby I made.  Purely for laughs.  Such a sweet, sweet child.

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