Thursday, March 15, 2012

"I'm putting up my own food place."

A few weeks ago, Jing just got up and announced, "I'm putting up my own food place."
Just like that.  And the rest, as we say, is history.

A month of preps and I was surprised to find that we actually have our very own food business.  And that my husband, an art enthusiast, is suddenly putting all his enthusiasm in the name of num-nums!

Ok, ok, maybe it wasn't that big a shock.  My husband has always loved cooking.  Adored it even.  He was always in front of the mac that I overlooked the fact that his best place was always in the kitchen.  We fought about who would cook dinner everyday --we both love cooking.  And whenever he wins, I never regretted it.  He's THAT good. And when you're that good at something, you embrace it, you make big of it, you make something happen out of it.

And so BULALO MISMO! was born!
Obviously, bulalo is the specialty dish.  But my husband throws in other delectable surprises every now and again.

You'll get the dish on these awesome dishes at His Homecooked Hawtness.  I update this food blog like the devil, specially since my husband updates his menu like the devil himself. :)

If you're smacking your lips right now, don't worry.  I was drooling on the keyboard before posting this, too.  Lezzeat!

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