Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Best Food Forward 2012 Binge

So what does a new food bizman do on his spare time?  Research.
And what better place to do that but at the Best Food Froward 2012!  And thanks to Nuffnang, I have free tickets.  Woot!

I would've taken more food shots but it's just so hard to stuff your face with food and shoot, ya know.
There, I have never seen my husband so fueled for inspiration. There was just so many delectable goodness all around us.  So many great ideas for menu expansion.   If I had x-ray vision, I would certainly see the wheels in his brain turning at neck-breaking speed.

The event buzzed with the excitement of food tasting and the exhillirating success speeches from participating gastroentrepreneurs.

But still, Jing had to go around stall-hopping, harassing food merchants to spill the beans on good marinade, secret ingredients, and such.  Lol!  No one gave in though.  So he bought their food to 'study' and unlock their secrets when we get home.  Everything just has to be a spy game with this hubby of mine. :D

Overall, sweet (spicy, tangy, yummy, etc) event!  And successful, judging by the large turn-out of people and the goony smile on our fully-stuffed faces.

The Best Food Forward 2012 is still happening today, March 25, at the NBC Tent.  If you're a food entrep or just a plain lover of food, you'd be crazy to miss this food glorious food escapade.

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