Friday, May 25, 2012

Papier Macheniacs on FB!

YAY!  We finally decided to put our biggest Family Project Weekend work/play on display.  Minus exhibit venue and invite printing costs.  Thank you, Facebook!

Welcome to Papier Macheniacs!

Here, you'll find anything and everything we decide to make out of paper on a weekly basis.  You'll also find us throwing in tips on proper papier mache-making and care.  Are you using the right glue, the right paint brush, the right frame of mind?  Lol!  We're also debunking the stereotype that papier mache is just for display or pinata action.  There's more to it than that.  There's film-making, role-playing, ultimately great family bonding.  And you won't believe how much creativity spillage can happen once you give your kids full hands-on in it.

If you've ever been stumped on arts and crafts ideas for the kids on weekends, well, here's where you grab ideas as you go.  And all you need is paper, and a tank full of imagination. 

Papier Macheniacs.  Like us.  Because we... like... you.

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