Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And we loved Grimmly ever after...

It was a sad day in the household when we were met with The Walking Dead's season ender.  That means months of waiting again.  For a family that lives and breathes creepy, that's like waiting forever. :(

That grim feeling was quickly dashed, however, by the coming of ...well... GRIMM.
Grimm, NBC's newest baby, does not have zombies.  But it has monsters.  Lots of them. Ranging from big bad wolves to huge ogres to wicked witches --oh, and 3 man-sized pigs.  Sounds like a fairy tale?  Well, it is.  With a macabre twist.

Grimm brings your childhood's storybook characters to life right smack in the middle of modern metropolis.  So that regular people can be hobnobbing with these monsters in disguise. And only Nick, a detective who also happens to be the last Grimm, can see them for what they really are and put the evil ones (and they're mostly evil ones) to justice.  Or death.  Whichever comes first.
Nick's partner (I'm not talking about the lame human detective partner --sorry, Hank), Monroe --a reformed Blutbad (read:  bloodbath, translated literally; big bad wolf, translated folklorically)-- is our favorite.  If you've long gotten on this Grimm bandwagon, he most probably is your favorite, too.

Anyhoo, my boys (as did I) went nuts seeing how Little Red Riding Hood, the Pied Piper, and even the Grim Reaper made it to the primetime show.  Now, we have a guessing game as to which fairy tale-gone-gruesome would be featured per week.  Like you didn't know fairy tales have always been secretly gruesome anyway.

Snow White
Little Red Riding Hood
The Frog Prince
If your family is into monsters and dark wit, I recommend Grimm.  If not, there's always Disney.

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