Monday, April 30, 2012

Avidly, The Avengers.

Spoiler alert!  Spoiler alert!  Spoiler alert!  Spoiler alert!  Spoiler alert!

After lining up forever for tickets, then lining up forever for popcorn, I can safely say that The Avengers was worth all the brand new blisters on our feet.

Some will say the plot was old.  Bad dude aiming for world domination via an unexplained secret weapon which opens a portal to another dimension, thus, releasing an army of creepies --not so original, eh?  Well, for the first time, I don't really care much about the plot.  The big thing here is the... assembly!  Marvel giants all squoosed together in one film!  Top that off with endless fisticuffs, car chases, firepower and lighting power, explosion here and there, HULK SMASH!
I've been hanging out with my boys too much.

Iron Man was his usual badass self.  In fact, 30 to 45 minutes of the movie was an iron Man movie.  Not that I mind.  He's the bomb!  I never really thought much about Thor or Captain America, but when they're in a hilarious banter with Iron Man, they're suddenly worth my while.
My second favorite will have to be Loki.  He's the bad dude, he's funny, and he has evenly flipped hair that I envy.  Nothing beats a power-hungry yet adorably humorous antagonist.  It made the mood lighter for the kids. They get to spend more time enjoying the movie than fearing the bad guy.
A new fave is HawkEye.  Because he was bad when the film started.  I have a thing for bad boys.  You see the pattern here?
Finally, the ending.  Call me a cheap punchline addict, but when the totally leveled STARK tower pulled out from frame and what was left of the STARK name was just the letter A that's exactly the same A on THE AVENGERS... I gasped and goosebumped all over!
Whaaat!  I told you I'm a cheap punchline addict, didn't I?!

Anyway, our boys totally ate up the whole film.  And why not?  It was light, it was exciting, it was heroic.
In fact, they even came home with action figures which were strategically being peddled right outside the cinema.  That they did.  Good job on merchandising and robbing me of my last cash, Marvel!  Grrr.... HULK SMASH!


  1. We are in agreement in everything you said! And I would just like to add that while most guys would probably drool over Scarlet's portrayal of the Black Widow, I have to say that it was Gwyneth's portrayal of Pepper that I really liked. Her character helped to humanize Iron Man. While he was carrying that Nuke and Jarvis asked him if he wanted to call Ms.Potts, I was like "Oh right! There's a human being in that suit of armor!"

    1. Fist bump! Loved that part about calling Pepper, too. *sigh* And yeah, Black Widow didn't do much for me. Her fighting skills were awesome, don't get me wrong --but I just can't get past that high-waisted belt. :P