Friday, April 6, 2012

Science at the Park

Nerdy moms out there, the playground of our dreams has finally arrived!
The Mind Museum's Science at the Park!

When this world class museum said it will give you the full science experience, it wasn't kidding.  Even the kiddie playground is brimming with scientific knowledge.

The Sound Dome creates echoes... echoes... echoes...
Solar powered windmill.
Yell through one end and hear your voice come out as an animal sound.
There's balance in imbalance.
The different sounds wood, metal, and glass chimes make.
Water propulsion and precision shooting.
And when you get tired, there are these musical chairs... literally.
Kids get to play and learn at the same time in an environment of hands-on fun and wonderment.  And isn't that what we practical, obsessive, nutjob moms have always wanted.  Haha!

Now I must end this post in a way only the most awesome nerds know how --"Science is cool!"
Right here at the Mind Museum.

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