Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mind-Blowing Mind Museum

Oh, wow!  Where do I begin?  Writing about the country's biggest interactive science museum is just as overwhelming as when we were there to see it.  There's so much to say.  And not enough words to give the extraordinary experience justice.

In a word:  BIG.  We're taking about 2 levels of vast floor space with over 250 exhibits you can enjoy hands-on.  The sanest way to do this is to present the awesomeness by galleries.  So brace yourself as I take you through my family's mind-blowing Mind Museum encounter.  I guarantee it's going to be a helluva ride.

It starts off with the cutest welcoming committee --the robot, Aedi.  See the sweet red bow? 

Then, a prelude to greatness as you walk into the Hall of Philippine Science.  The best part here is the native animal knowledge game where you get to put each specie in its proper habitat.  Loads of fun!

Now, the real action begins!
Welcome to the Story of the Atom.

This gallery is larger than life --literally!  It takes you down to the size of a speck to experience what it is to be the smallest unit in existence.  I bet that chocolate bar is saying, "Who's your daddy now?!".

The Story of Life features the biggest brain exhibit in the history of science.  It lights up as you touch areas and annotates how each part of your mind functions.

Along with this majestic display is a peep into the natural habitats of other life forms, as well as an actual 'breaking down of molecules' and an in-depth encounter with DNA.  You get to check your own BP, too.

The Story of the Earth is by far our second favorite area.  I mean, a 40-foot T-Rex?!  Who doesn't dig that!  Dig.  Get it?  Hehe...
(This T-Rex is Stan.  You can read his life story written on the walls.  Very moving.)

Here, you get to look at real life Jurassic Park relics through microscope orbs.  You get to simulate natural calamities, too!  The earthquake and whirlpool simulators are guaranteed big hits among kids 1 to 92.

Now we enter the Story of Technology.  Aedi's cousin Mimo --a motion sensor robot-- runs these parts.  It roves around the area striking up conversation with people and chases you if you even dare ignore it.  Lol!

Bouncing off lasers to hit a target is a fun sport here.  That x-ray pad beats the iPad 2 anytime!  And that light bridge is a trip down glorious info overload lane. 

But I'd have to give props to the alternative power section.  Running around a wheel to heat water.  Winding up a hand generator to power a city.  Solid proof that man's ingenuity is the shiznit when he uses it for good versus evil. 

The final frontier but definitely the first on our gallery love list --The Story of the Universe... universe... universe...

Fancy a voyage through space right here, right now?  This foot bridge will take you to that exact feeling (minus the lack of oxygen, of course).  The galaxy walls turn, and so will your stomach.  What about manipulating the solar system on your own?  Controlling the moon's phases according to your whim?  Listening to space sounds that only astronauts can here in the comfort of a space age audio orb chair? Those happen here, too.
A good last stop would be the Space Shell.  A lie-down planetarium that shows space movies.  No, I'm serious.  You do lie down on moon cushions to watch.  You do lie down to watch the stars, don't you?

That's the low down and the complete high at the Mind Museum!  5 and a half hours perfectly, mind-blowingly, spent in a geeky family's life.

Tickets are sold online.  To book a visit schedule, you can choose from several 3-hour blocks right here.  But my recommendation is to take the All Day Pass for a few more extra bucks.  Why?  Because science cannot be contained in a mere 3 hours.  And, going in with that VIP orange band is kinda snazzy.

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