Monday, February 13, 2012

At The War Museum

One of the best family trips we've ever had was just around the corner.

The Philippine Airforce Museum!  I cannot believe we missed this for years!  It's a top notch educational outing if your kids have a knack for history, or if they're just crazy about airplanes.  Our boys were pretty much both.

So let's start the tour!
First blast got us instantly breathless.  The lobby had actual war planes in it --including the majestically bad ass, Shark of Zambales.

Moving along, Miro and Kenji ogled over vintage stuff in glass casings while Jing and I annotated facts.

At the ammo wing, they had close encounters with authentic war items.

And, to cap it all off, had the coolest hands-on experience at the museum's Aircraft Park.  Now this place was insanely huge!  The war-torn fighter jets were beyond awesome!  You can feel the history everywhere!

And all for just Php20.00.  How incredible a deal is that!

And we even got to take home some Airforce badges.
Educational.  Exciting.  Patriotic.  Told ya --best family trip ever.

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