Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Things First

Ah, my all time favorite stress source --Summer Camp Hunting! :)
As always, Miro's summer choice proved to be very challenging.  After 2 years in Robotics, now he wants to move up the technological ladder and battle it out in the exciting world of Computer Animation. Egad!  I just felt a migraine coming on.

But thanks to my good, geeky friend, Charie, this creative parenting quest turned out to be a cinch.  Let's give it up for a fresh find --the First Academy of Computer Arts!

Seriously, I didn't even know there was this kind of school here.  So I was seriously pumped to check it out.  Now, I know Miro is no stranger to computers and art, but being a completely annoying stage mom, I didn't want him diving into strange, new territory.  So last Saturday, I took the hyper giddy kid to a free animation workshop First Academy put up... just to test the waters.
And, the digital water is fine!

The peachy hallway
The snazzy lounge
It started with a tour of the cozy school.  It's techy and homey --a weird yet welcoming combination.

The drawing room
Comic wall
You can feel the talent everywhere.  And the people were all friendly and accommodating.  Good plus!

Finally settled into one of the colorful classrooms, Miro got a quick demo and a riveting hands-on.  It was his first stab at flash animation and the teacher said he was quite a fast learner.  Oh yeah, Miro ate that comment up! :P

The objective was to get the little cartoon character to walk smoothly, and realistically.  Realism in a cartoon is important, apparently.  You don't just get the cartoon's legs to move.  You have to make his shoulders and upper torso move, even his hair.  Because that's what happens in real life.  And that's what makes your character ultimately relatable. 
(Yeah, I learned a thing or two in that workshop, too.  Ha!)

Only one of the school's 2012 summer courses
The workshop gave Miro (and I) a delicious peek into what First Academy's summer program holds for little geekatrons like my boy.  And just like that, I signed him up for the Jr. Digital Arts course.  Usually, I decide after a series of trips to a variety of options.  First Academy was the first summer camp I decided on, on the first try. 

If your kid is ready for the future, then you should be ready for a trip to the First Academy of Computer Arts.  If you don't think this should be your first choice, please take the time to ogle and drool at the masterpieces First Academy students made here.

Thanks again, Charie!

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