Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fun at Snow Global Proportion

How do we celebrate the start of the year?  With even more snow!
This time at the Mall of Asia's Santa Snowville, an extended holiday exhibit at the mall's main atrium that runs until the 6th of January.

The area displays a pretty ginger bread house and a Santa factory which families milked for photo ops.  But the real big thing here the giant snow globe.

Yup!  It's huge!  And people lined up for the very rare 5-minute experience of being the 'little people' in the popular shake-for-snow souvenir staple.

But the only shaking happening with this snow globe is you.  Inside the small space, the temperature drop is a shock!  You have to jump around to get the heat moving back through your body.  Quite a contrasting feel to the globe's cozy white picket fence design.

Overhead, a contraption dripped snow and ice.  You go under it to experience first hand a light snow drizzle... or the exact feeling of being sprayed on by shaved ice at Manang's halo-halo stand.

It may seem like a shallow gig for kicks, but I give MOA props for creativity.  While everyone's riding the snowy theme park attraction trend --with Manila Ocean Park and Star City both offering the vast winterland concept for theirs-- Santa Snowville gives you the compact snow globe.  A unique way of maximizing the small space they have to work with.  And it IS quite enjoyable.

Very important tip though:  Make sure you bring jackets for your kids and a fresh change in clothes.  With all that snowfall, your kids are guaranteed to come out of the globe happily soaking wet.

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