Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Darling Danbo

No, I'm not talking about the semi-soft, aged cow's milk cheese from Denmark.

THIS Danbo is a wonderful discovery I had while in the grips of a miserable day.  This little dude cardboard-handedly turned my frown upside down.
Danbo isn't really new.  He's a cardboard robot that originally came out in the Yotsuba anime comic.  Later on, Amazon Japan commissioned him to be the company mascot.  Eventually, he's become the all-time favorite muse of amateur and professional photographers worldwide --with his adorable snapshots splattered all over Flicker, DeviantART, and Tumblr.

There's something about Danbo that pushes one's picture perfect creativity.  The world of scenarios these photographers cook up are sometimes funny, sometimes somber, always darn cute.

I'm sure you've got the "Awww..." going on right now, and wondering where you can buy the darling little Danbo.  Well, sadly, you can't.  Amazon isn't selling him.  Can you believe that?!  But there are websites that tell you how to MAKE him.  From the easy Foldable Danbo to the hardcore Semi-sculpted Danbo.

So DIY Danbo away and DIY your own Danbo Gallery!  You know you love to.

*None of these photos are mine, which makes me severely jealous of their photoraphers' awesomeness.