Monday, December 12, 2011


Papier Mache Weekend is in order!
On our work table:  Harry Potter wands!  Ooh... exciting idea Miro and Kenji thought of over popcorn.  With my husband finally getting them the complete DVD collection of Harry Potter films, the Harry Hangover isn't leaving this household just yet.  Not that I mind.  Wand-making was awesome stuff!

If you don't have access to Olivander's, don't mope.  All you need is access to newspaper, tape, glue, and toilet paper.  And yes, barbecue sticks.  Barbecue sticks do wonders strengthening wand papier maches.  Just don't forget to clip the pointy tips off specially if you're crafting with your kids.

Here's the fun part:  sculpting newspaper and bands of tape around the barbecue sticks to approximate the look of the actual epic movie series' wands --which, I just learned from my boys, have their own distinct characteristics and personalities.  Interesting.

Ok, time to TP!  Slathering glue and tissue paper all over your wand paper sculptures will prove to be a little tricky due to the intricate details.  Be sure to cover those nooks and crannies without losing out on the shape.  For this, you'll need a thinner, softer tissue brand.  The kind that will be pliable enough to keep shape, but sturdy enough not to fall apart when brushed over with strong glue.

Let it dry completely before applying a second layer of tissue and glue.  On our second application, we left ours to dry overnight.  Overnight drying gives you stronger papier mache.  And when you're working with wands which will be handled a lot and used for powerful spells and ne'er do wells, yeah, you'll want them hardy and dauntless.

Now, the fun part for Miro:  painting the wands!  We use regular poster paints on our papier maches.  And Miro went to town mixing hues to get the colors down pat.  He's driven!  Wonder where he got that from... hmmm...

VOILA!  Or, should I say, AVADA KA-WAND-AH!
We've made Harry Potter's wand complete with the wooden handle texture, Voldemort's wand with the chiseled bone/fang grip, and Dumbledore's powerful weapon of choice, the finely crafted Elderwand.

We did a good job, I think.  And papier mache, as always, gave us good bonding time.
Why not start your own Papier Mache Weekend with your kids?  You won't believe how magical it gets each time.

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