Monday, February 7, 2011

For Kids Only?

At one point, somebody just has to put a cork on the right brain and put the faculties of the left brain to good use.  Ladies and gentlemen, my rant for today is focused on the candy business.

Yes, these are candies --cleverly packaged in the image and likeness of pills.  To what end, God knows.

Oh, look!  It even has its own expiry date.  Save for the knock-off chipmunk clipart, this packaging earns several claps for authenticity.

It IS creative.  But when an innocent child who's been chewing on these sweets chances upon her mom's blister pack sheet of high-powered headache pills, he wouldn't know the difference... even if the candy version is more colorful.
Uh-huh.  Can you say ER?

And it doesn't stop there.
Wowza!  Cigarettes marketed for kids?!  Hey, why not!  It's only paper and foil wrap --perfectly harmless.  Heck, it's still candies inside, ya prude. 
I guess the idea here is to have a child familiarize himself with holding a cigarette while he's young so he won't have to go through the awkward stage of fumbling through first-time smoking when he's reached legal age.  It only wants to help.

Honestly, being cleverly artistic is good.  I'm the last person to be uptight about that.  But there's really nothing wrong with keeping a child's innocence a while longer, while they're still kids.  Shoving the adult world into their candy-colored world is just being reckless and downright stupid. 

By the way. when you rip open the 'cigarette', it reveals powdery, off-white rock sweets.  Thank goodness (or what's left of it) they're shaped to look like spinal bones and not uneven rock chunks made to look like 'something else' --or else this rant would never be over.

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