Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still Communicado


It was Miro's First Holy Communion.  Woot!

It was my first time to have a part in a mass.  Double woot!

And Jing and I didn't get struck by lightning in the two and a half hours we were in church!  Woot-de-loop!

After many years of absentia, we're still communicado after all. :D

One thing baffled me, however.
I can understand the changes in the tunes of the old praise songs (I couldn't sing to any of them anymore.  Geez!).  Updating is never a bad thing.  But in the old days, I knew the pews were important.  Because those were where the faithful knelt to express respect and worship to the Lord.
I didn't see any of those in the Rockwell Church.  I thought maybe the kneeling would have to be done on the floor, but the chairs' almost nil distance to one another wouldn't allow that either.

Wow, times did change.

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