Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thundercats, not Blundercats

Flashback:  When I was but a little girl on a dare, I did an amazing Cheetara twirl and jump combo from the school wall's ledge.  An impressive move which landed me in the hospital and one that I wouldn't be able to do again even if I tried.

That was way, way back in the '80s.  But all the pain and humiliation came back to me big time when news that Cartoon Network is welcoming my old friend, The Thundercats, into its stable of cartoon shows early this year.  There's a lot of hype going on for the new character designs.

Allow me to be the wet blanket to all the excitement though.  I am not digging the new look.
It's riding on the anime trend.  Big eyes, supermod built, funky Final Fantasyesque costumes.  Sure, they look good.  But to an old geezer purist like me whose nose twitches and eyebrow automatically lifts upon the mere mention of a remake, this isn't doing it for me.

The feline humanoid residents of Thundera are meant to be more animalistic than human, more gladiators than waifs.  They're supposed to be poised for war rather than a Cosplay convention!  By God, it's the old characters' rugged buffness that willed me to think I was invincible enough to do that stupid childhood stunt!

Then again, that's just me.

Rumor has it that the remake is a tactic to prep the new generation of potential younger fans for the upcoming live action movie in 2012.  Uh, talks of THAT movie have been going around since 2008.  I'll believe it when I see it.

One fan couldn't wait that long though.  He's already made his own Hollywood casting call in brilliant computer manipulation.

Fab Fan Made Thundercats Movie Trailer
With a beyond awesome movie trailer to boot!

Gnarly, eh?!  As my brother once said in exasperation, "Why couldn't I have been born a mega geek?  Why did I have to be so goddamn cool?!!!"
WAHAHAHAHA.... owww... my aching knee caps...

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