Friday, February 4, 2011

Uniquely Ukay

Or... Fringe Benefits.
I couldn't decide what to title this post.

Or if I should start it with a quote from my dad.
 "Why must you want everyone's attention on you????!!!" - my dad to me.

Shucks, he means well.  Loosely translated, that's... "Honey, you are such a unique dresser!"
Big thanks to that popular surplus shop called, Ukay-Ukay!  (Ooh... I can almost feel you cringing)

Ukay-Ukay isn't anything new.  It's a cramped clothes store found on every block of your neighborhood.  People come here in secret.  And people still think it's a dirty hellhole where the old clothes of the dead (the violently killed ones, according to urban legend) are donated.  Maybe.  But if you're a smart skirt shopper, you will find unopened boxes in the back room of this tiny hole-in-the-wall.  Inside these, the clothes are actually new, incredibly unique ones shipped from China, Hong Kong, even Timbuktu.

Slightly damaged, these items didn't make it in the Quality Control line.  If you don't mind restitching a snagged zipper or sewing in a missing button or in bagging an insanely huge discount, then you're good to go.

These items didn't make it in the Taste Test line either.  Hence, the uniqueness.  Some look gawdy, strange, outlandish.  But if you're a natural with mixing and matching and flashing some kind of attitude --again, you're good to go.

These are just some of my Ukay-Ukay finds.  So far, I haven't ran into anyone who's wearing exactly the same designs.  That isn't much of a surprise, is it?

Ranging from Php100 to Php 300, I believe they go into the Best Buy/Good Job Section of my shopping track record.   That's because I'm an incredible budgeteer.

And yes, dad, I do love the attention. :P

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