Saturday, January 29, 2011

Are You Ready To Rock?

A dragon laying eggs on a bed of silver and gold.
This is what you get when you give my boys fresh bottles of special-color paint.

Inspired, they went on getting rocks from the backyard.

Then there was paint slathering.

Followed by intense backdrop-making.

And then perilous stacking.

Soon enough, we have unearthed a precious zen mine from a prehistoric era.

Discovered a mythical beast in the Land of Lava.

And set a fantabulous alien fight scene for Wolverine.
There's more.  Much, much more.

Who would've thought that a bunch of colored rocks would keep them happily busy for a day?! 

Buy your kids paint.  It unleashes an entire world of creativity in them, and it will never cease to amaze you.

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