Monday, January 10, 2011

Fountain of Foom!

Pardon my overenthusiasm but I am close to foaming at the mouth as I write this.  It's about the Manila Ocean Park's Musical Fountain Show.  If you, like us, had the misfortune of missing out on last New Year's Eve's fireworks, then THIS is the thing for you.

Originally priced at Php300, this aquatic drama of liquid and light got my attention when it dropped to a mere Php99.  It was a landslide 'extended holiday' discount!  That in itself calls for foaming at the mouth!

Off we went and I didn't even mind the long line at the ticket counter.  Nor did I mind the 'first come, first served' seating arrangement inside.  After all, I am blessed to have a husband gifted with good seat-hunting skills.

A short wait and...FOOM!... the large pool of water in front of us came to life! 

There was no down time.  Foom!  Foom!  Every variation of fountain presentation was breathtaking!

A wall of water and colors pulsated to the beat of glorious, resonating music.

Smaller bubblers took the form of whale tails while waves move around them.

Laser and water mixed to create an aquascreeen dome.

Videos were projected onto this almost solid jetstream.  One of them was this octopus who slowly 'crawled out from the sea'.

Was revealed in a dramatic spray of fire and water.

And then proceeded to play Chopsticks on a laser piano --oh yeah, this one you've got to see!

Warmth and humor were provided by players who performed at unbelievably high energy levels.

Like the starfishes who did a hiphop routine amidst geysers and lasers.

The lionfish couple who had babies on stage.  Ooooh yeah... you gotta see that one, too.  *snicker*

And the quirky comic relief that was the 2 chubby chefs chasing a cheeky lobster.  Say that fast, I dare you.

The show started big and ended bigger!  With water, fire, laser, music --EVERYTHING!-- escalating to fever pitch!  It was sensory overload that would've pushed anyone to the brink of ecstatic insanity!

And for the grand finale --we got our fireworks!  WOOHOO!  FIREWORKS!  Right in the middle of the freakin' fountain!!!


Sorry, was I gushing?  Hell, yeah!
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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